Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

A visit to the United Arab Emirates is incomplete without the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It is located at an approximate distance of 10mins from Abu Dhabi airport and 30mins from Dubai. It is the first Ferrari theme park on earth and largest amongst its kind. The park has more than 20 rides which are inspired by the Ferrari automaker. The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has a varied range of rides for people of different age group with a lot of fun and thrill. The theme park is also provided with a number of Italian delicacies along with coffee joint. It doesn’t end there, as the theme park also gives us a unique scope to shop unlimitedly from the inside shops of Ferrari.

The huge collections of rides over here are designed to attract people from different interest which specially tells the story of Ferrari through the exciting fun. One can get the sensation of the variable rides from the world’s fastest roller coaster to the advanced racing rides experiencing the scenic beauty and the driving forces of a real Ferrari race. The unforgettable fun at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi gives the families, the children different corners to hop into with a lot of thrill.

The building is made up of steel, with a red roof, inspired by the classic Ferrari GT body. It stretches for a span of 200000 sq km which carries the largest created Ferrari logo. The enclosed indoor area is huge enough to fit in seven football fields, “head to toe”.

The rides are enough to make visitors crazy with the adrenaline rush but the one ride which is like the showstopper is the roller coaster in the style of formula 1 racing car. It is rode at a speed of 240km/hr and covers a vast tract with train of the shape of the racing car. The steep angular cuts of the parallel tracts can make anyone scream on it and leaving with a feeling to ride it again.

Tickets can be purchased at the park, and online tickets are to be launched very soon. There are three divisions made for the benefit of the different aged visitor mainly because of the difference in height. General admission tickets are for visitors 1.5m and above.

The next section is for the tickets of the General admission junior that are below 1.5m. An altogether division is made for the children below the age of 3 whose admission will be charged free. Both of the general admission tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. The Premium class tickets for both the height range are available that also gives a scope to access the Fast track lane with addition to the fun at the VIP lounge of the Ferrari Theme Park.

All in all, if you are not the type to relax in Dubai on the Palm Islands or enjoy complete privacy on the world islands, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi calls out to you. Experience the thrill and adrenaline at the world’s most talked about amusement park. Book your tickets now!