restaurants in abu dhabi

Most of the restaurants in the city of Abu Dhabi are situated in hotels. These hotels house licensed restaurants, so you can visit such restaurants to get a taste of Abu Dhabi. The eating-out-at-restaurants kind of culture is just starting to come in into this city, so you can find some good quality restaurants and cafes coming up in big hotels.

The foods in Abu Dhabi restaurants are great, but the drinks are decidedly mediocre. Restaurants leave a lot to be desired in the drinks department. The drinks available at most up-market restaurants are very expensive and not much variety is available either. Of course, this is all changing for the better and more restaurants are coming up with innovative ideas to introduce more types of alcohol.

Tourists looking for restaurants serving typically Emirati food are bound to be crestfallen. Abu Dhabi restaurants offer many types of international cuisine, but local cuisine is sadly missing from that list.

Of course, there are some restaurants which serve Arabian food like 'fuul' or a kind of spicy pasta with garlic and lemon and 'shwarma', which is a spicy meat on bread. At any rate, you find more restaurants catering to international taste-buds!

The restaurants at The Hilton and Vasco's cook up yummy Mediterranean fare. The Beach Rotana restaurant offers great varieties of grills and steak and the Brauhaus restaurant serves up great German cuisine.

Restaurants specializing in fine dining are some of the best in the world and it is always a pleasure to visit such restaurants. They offer French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, British and even Asian cuisine.

Only licensed restaurants serve alcohol. So other restaurants around your hotel will only offer you good food and a great dining experience.

Abu Dhabi’s restaurants cook up great Gulf cuisine too, like exclusively Iranian, Moroccan and Lebanese dishes and desserts. Restaurants offer a huge variety of spicy, flavorful seafood, which is much appreciated by the international traveler.

The desserts these restaurants include on their menu are truly delicious, like Esh asaraya, which is a cheesecake with a sugary cream topping; Ali, a kind of bread pudding; and Mehalabiya, a pudding garnished generously with rosewater and nuts.

The variety that Abu Dhabi restaurants have to offer to their guests is simply amazing. You only have to decide which of these restaurants you want to pick and what cuisine you want to taste.

The La Terrazza restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant, which is part of the Hilton group, also serves up Italian, Middle East, Asian and American cuisine. Other restaurants which are part of the Hilton are Jazz Bar, Coconut Bay, Vienna Plaza and so on. All these restaurants specialize in a particular kind of snack or cuisine to suit their guests’ tastes.

Some American restaurants include Island Exchange, Meat and Eat Intercontinental and Nine Crowne Plaza. Restaurants like Abu Tafesh, Al Safina and Mawal Hilton offer Iranian cuisine. Chinese restaurants like the Bambu Marina, Imperial Sands Hotel and Royal Orchid offer lovely Chinese dishes too. Indian restaurants are available too, at Indain Palace, Kwality and Majaraja Le Meridien, just to name a few. You also have the quintessential fast food, like pizzas and burgers at several outlets in the city.

You have any amount of restaurants in Abu Dhabi, so you can look forward to tasting authentic cuisine from all over the world. So get ready to go on a gastronomic journey - Bon Appetit!